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DLF Star Tower, Office No.10, Sector 30,
Gurgaon 122001 Delhi (NCR), India
14/2 Palm Avenue, Calcutta 700019, India
Telephone: +91 33 40177100, Telefax: +91 33 40088262
About Us
  • D.P. Ahuja & Co. is a professionally managed Intellectual Property services firm in India, with 7 offices located in Delhi (Gurgaon), Calcutta, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune (near Mumbai), Ahmedabad and Amritsar.
  • We have 53 years of experience in Patent Prosecution, Trademark Prosecution, Opposition and Litigation, with a formidable team of highly qualified and experienced members, including 30 attorneys, 15 managers and 42 paralegals.
  • We have 2700 clients worldwide, mostly multinational corporations and universities.
  • Our fees are fixed and cost effective. We do not charge extra for any incidentals such as postage, courier, photocopying, banking, secretarial overtime, document preparation, archiving and other such miscellaneous costs.
  • We place great emphasis on running a transparent, ethical organisation, both internally and externally.
  • We actively contribute to several philanthropic projects. 2% of our annual profits are dedicated for such activities.
  • In Patents, we specialize in the areas of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Electronics, Telecommunications, Software Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Metallurgy and Material Sciences, Alternate Energy Systems and Genetics.
  • Our skills in technology and experience in industry are unmatched, with the highest number of technically qualified and experienced Patent attorneys, within a firm, in the country.
  • We are currently prosecuting over 3000 Patent applications and 220 Patent Opposition, Revocation and Litigation matters. On an average we attend 250 hearings in a year.
  • We have the highest average grant rate of over 98.8% in respect of patent applications prosecuted by us.
  • In the year 2017, we conducted 4200 Trademark Searches and are currently handling nearly 32,500 Trademark Applications including a large number of International Registrations Designating India, over 7000 Trademark Oppositions and Rectifications, 70 Litigation matters in the High Courts of India, numerous proceedings before the Customs, the Registrar of Companies as well as Domain Name Arbitration proceedings. Our success rate in Trademark litigation is 99%.
  • We have100% success rate in Domain Name disputes, in both INDRP and UDRP.
  • We are well-equipped to handle filing of patent and trademark applications in all jurisdictions of the world, with extensive experience in filing, prosecution and opposition proceedings in 90 countries, for both Indian and international clients. We have filed and prosecuted more than 2500 patent applications and 7500 trademark applications in international jurisdictions.
  • We advise on Franchising Agreements, Brand Policies and Product Labelling Regulations.
  • We have an in-house Commercial Investigations & Market Surveillance division.
  • We provide an exclusive, complimentary computerized Trademark Watch Service on a weekly basis for marks filed and maintained by us.
  • Our Head Office in Calcutta is housed in its own modern and secure 25,000 sq ft building with a full-service cafeteria. The entire organization is networked and fully computerised with multi-purpose office devices.
  • D. P. Ahuja & Co. is an equal opportunity organisation and employs men and women from all religious, social and cultural backgrounds, as also physically challenged persons who are nonetheless able to deliver professional work.
  • We are an environment-conscious organisation, maintaining stringent pollution controls and hygiene standards. We are compliant with all Environment, Safety, Security and Health standards at par with internationally acceptable norms.

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Our office is partially open on Saturdays and is equipped to file new applications.
D.P. Ahuja & Co.
Patent & Trademark Attorneys
DLF Star Tower, Office No. 10, Sector 30
Gurgaon 122001 Delhi (NCR), India
14/2 Palm Avenue, Calcutta 700019, India
Telephone: +91 33 40177100
Telefax: +91 33 40088262

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